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4th USASAFS Asmara
Webmaster George "Zazz" Zasadil
Updated Wednesday, March 6, 2002
The 4TH USASAFS Homepage is dedicated to all the ASA personnel who were fortunate enough to serve at the :

APO, New York, 09843

Kagnew Station was the home of many of the denizens of the OPS SITE at Tract C. Tract C operated 24 hours a day, broken into three shifts; Days, Eves, and Mids. We were assigned to either rotating tricks (shifts) or straight tricks. There were four rotating tricks; A, B, C, and D working 6 days on and 2 off, with one trick being on break between shifts.

Breaks between Mids and Days lasted 72 hours and for many of us, it meant party time! Trips to Massawa on the Red Sea or to the R&R center at Keren were very popular diversions. In the barracks we had a billiard room and a game room. On Post there was a Gym, a Bowling Alley, a Swimming Pool, a Miniature Golf Course, a Movie Theater, several Ball Fields, and 3 Clubs (Oasis, Top Five, and Officers). Off Post there was Horseback riding, Golf, Camel rides, and general sightseeing.

The city of Asmara as well as its inhabitants was very diverse in nature. Italian, British, and some American soldiers stayed on after their tours of duty. Many Italians, Somalis and Sudanese immigrated to Asmara. Asmara was a city with many Churches and Mosques, divergent in religion as it was with its people. Asmara was also a city with many Bars and Nightclubs. After enjoying all the culture that Asmara had to offer, it was great to just kick back and enjoy the nightlife. The stories on this page (Spook's Alley Section) deal with real life situations and are therefore unsuitable for children of any age. These are stories of young men growing up into adulthood in a land far from home. We worked hard and some of us played hard. It's a time in my life that I'll never forget and will reminisce about until the day I die.

Throughout these pages Kagnew Station and Asmara may be referred to as being in Ethiopia. "For 30 years the Eritrean peoples were in conflict the Ethiopian government to gain their independence. On 24 May 1991 they finally gained control of their country. In April 1993, in an internationally monitored referendum, 98.5% of the registered voters voted, and of these, 99.8% voted for independence. "
The Webmaster of the 4TH USASAFS Homepage fervently supports the Eritrean people and their right to have a country that is free from oppression!

I would like to wholeheartedly thank "Cactus" Mike Doran, Webmaster, Army Security Agency History Web Site. First, for helping me reunite with old friends who were somehow forgotten about during the past 30 years. Second, for being there when I needed someone to talk to at 4 am. Third, for his coaxing, encouragement, and assistance in putting this Page on line.